Welcome to my web site.  I am an artist specializing in hand painted silk clothes.  My silk clothing includes silk scarves, silk Hawaiian shirts, and silk jackets.   I sell my silk clothing online,  at fine art shows,  and retail shops around the country.

Many of my creations feature the local aspen leaf.  I have a large selection of hand painted silk clothing in stock.  So please make yourself at home, and browse around my online silk clothing store.  Once you have a feel for my work, give me a call and we’ll get stated.  Click on one  of the buttons below to shop my silk clothes.

                                                     SILK SCARVES

                                              SILK HAWAIIAN SHIRTS

I have a large selection of hand painted silk clothes in inventory.  If you can’t find exactly what you want,  I’ll paint it for you.  Design your own.  Custom orders are my specialty.  Call me, and I will design hand painted silk clothing just for you.

All silk painting is done at my Rocky Mountain or Hawaiian studio.  Call or email.  Let's get started.

     Aspensilk                                                           Aspensilk

     Box 161                                                               Box 6666

     Silt, Colorado 81652                                         Ocean View, Hawaii 96737


                         Telephone   970-319-3684

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Here I am at work in my studio.   I paint the leaves first, and then return to paint the backgrounds.  All my hand painted silk clothing begins white.  My final step involves sewing these silk pieces together to create a one of a kind hand painted silk jacket.


SINCE 1993